“We feel...that business is about a relationship; With our customers, with our employees, and with ourselves.”

– Tom Froedge, President

We're Looking Forward To Building A Relationship With Your Company

When Wendall Froedge started this company in 1962, he had a few simple goals:

-To be his own boss

-To have something challenging to do each day

-To provide for his family

Before starting Froedge Machine, Wendall had served in the army, owned and sold a jewelry store, worked as a salesman for Southern States, and worked as a farmer on his family's farm. He first developed an interest in machines when repairing watches in his jewelry store. When Froedge Machine first opened, it was primarily as a machining and watch repair shop, in addition to a small store selling industrial and agricultural supplies.

Wendall achieved all the goals he had set out to achieve, and with the help of his loving wife, Lorine, built not only a livelihood but also a home, a family and a legacy. Lorine helped on accounting and cleaning, and the kids also helped out in the shop.

Wendall's oldest son, Tom, worked in the shop as a boy, and went to college at the University of Kentucky to study engineering. After working for Aerospace in Los Angeles, Tom returned home in 1989 with his wife, Sharon, and his newborn son, Calvin. By this time, Wendall had established a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable businessman in the area, and had grown the business to 10 employees.

When Tom became involved in the business, he began adding new capabilities to the business and expanding. Froedge began offering lumber handling and automation services in the early 90s, and by 2000, the business would grow to as many as 50 employees.

Today, Froedge Machine continues to serve its client well and has weathered the economic storm by adapting to the changing needs of its client base (such as providing more repair work).