08B British Standard Chain Offset Link (1/2" Pitch)

  • $3.51

Offset links, or half links, are used when a chain needs to be extended/shortened by only half the length of the normal pitch. These links feature cotterpins to seamlessly connect to original chain.

British standard chain, like standard roller chain, is a common form of chain used in mechanical drive applications. This type of chain is used in a multitude of settings ranging from industrial, to agricultural, to automotive. Heat treatment, shot-peening, and pre-stretching of chain improves its strength and durability and ensures maximum longevity.

Roller Width 0.305” Plate Thickness 1 0.060” Average Tensile Strength Lbs 4,300 LB
Maximum Allowable Load 700 LB Construction Cottered Rivet End To Centerline 0.329”
Application Extend/reduce chain length by 1/2 pitch. Pin Diameter 0.175” Pitch 0.500”
Height 0.457” Plate Thickness 2 0.060” Connecting End To Centerline 0.363”
Diameter 0.335”

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