HKK 100-2CL 2-Strand Standard Roller Chain Connecting Link 1 1/4" Pitch

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Standard roller chain is the most common form of chain used in mechanical drive applications. This type of chain is used in a multitude of settings ranging from industrial, to agricultural, to automotive. Heat treatment, shot-peening, and pre-stretching of chain improves its strength and durability and ensures maximum longevity.

Roller Width 0.750” Plate Thickness 1 0.156” Average Tensile Strength Lbs 52,400 LB
Maximum Allowable Load 8,600 LB Construction Riveted or Cottered Rivet End To Centerline 1.475”
Application Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive drives Pin Diameter 0.375” Pitch 1.250”
Height 1.154” Plate Thickness 2 0.156” Connecting End To Centerline 1.608”
Transverse Pitch 1.409'' Diameter 0.750”