104-1730-006 Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motor - Froedge Machine & Supply Co., Inc.

104-1730-006 Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motor

  • $1,450.38

Hydraulic geroler spool valve motor.

These low speed, high torque, fluid-driven motors can deliver from 200 to 45,000 inch-pounds of torque at speeds up to 2000 RPM.

Char-Lynn motors are extremely reliable, compact, and have tremendous power density.

Pilot Diameter 3 1/4'' Displacement 9.65 in3/r Series 2000 Series
Output Shaft Size 1.250'' straight with woodruff key Seal Type Standard Seals Actual Port Type 1.0625-12 UN-2B SAE O-RING PORTS - PORTS ORIENTED 180 DEG TO EACH OTHER
Recommended Fluids Premium quality, anti-wear type hydraulic oil with a viscosity of not less than 701 SUS or 13 CST with best range of 100-200 SUS or 20-43 CST at operating temperature. Recommended Filtration Per iso cleanliness code. Level 18/13 Motor Design 6
Application Conveyors, winches, traction drives, augers, irrigation/utility cable reel Mounting 2-bolt flange - 3 1/4'' pilot diameter Bolt Circle Diameter 4.18''

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