158-1037-001 Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motor

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Hydraulic geroler spool valve motor.

These low speed, high torque, fluid-driven motors can deliver from 200 to 45,000 inch-pounds of torque at speeds up to 2000 RPM.

Char-Lynn motors are extremely reliable, compact, and have tremendous power density.

Max Rpm 287 RPM Pilot Diameter 3 1/4'' Finish Primer low gloss black
Displacement 11.9 in3/r Series T-Series 158 Continuous Torque 3178 in-lbs
Continuous Pressure 2000 PSI Continuous Flow Rate 15 GPM Port Size SAE 7/8-14
Shaft Type Straight shaft with woodruff key Output Shaft Size 1.000'' straight with woodruff key Seal Type Standard Seals
Case Drain No case drain Inlet And Outlet Port Size Straight thread O-ring SAE 7/8-14 UNF-2B Port Size 10 Actual Port Type .875-14 UNF-2B SAE O-ring ports
Actual Output Shaft 25.4 [1.00] Dia. Straight With Woodruff Key And .250-20 Unc-2B Threaded Hole Actual Mounting Flange Standard, 2 Bolt: 82.5 [3.25] Dia. X 3.0 [.12] Pilot, 13.59 [.535] Dia. Holes On 106.35 [4.18] Dia. Bolt Circle Maximum Operating Temperature +180 °F
Intermittent Flow Rate 20 GPM Intermittent Pressure 2500 PSI Intermittent Torque 3864 in-lbs
Recommended Fluids Premium quality, anti-wear type hydraulic oil with a viscosity of not less than 701 SUS or 13 CST with best range of 100-200 SUS or 20-43 CST at operating temperature. Recommended Filtration Per iso cleanliness code. Level 18/13 Motor Design 1
Application Industrial sweepers and floor polishers. Mounting 2-bolt flange - 3 1/4'' pilot diameter Bolt Circle Diameter 4.18''