25002500375B Beveled Loaded U-Cup (2 1/2" x 3" x 3/8")

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Loaded U-cups are a type of lip seal that are primarily intended for dynamic reciprocating applications. The loaded U-cup is an excellent seal in low pressure rod and piston applications. As the system pressure increases, the loading lip force also increases, automatically compensating for the higher pressure while maintaining a positive seal. A variety of styles, materials and sizes are available to suit your special requirements.

Beveled U-cups feature a beveled sealing lip designed for additional film breaking ability and increased squeeze on the sealing surface. By adding the back bevel on the lips, it aligns the seal interface near the centerline of the O-ring energizer to provide increased sealing force which adds to the low pressure sealing capability while also increasing the high pressure sealing ability. The added length also provides stability to the seal.

Application Dynamic reciprocating applications and low pressure piston & rod applications. Inside Diameter 2 1/2'' Groove Width 0.413''
Piston Width 3'' Rod Width 2 1/2'' Rod Groove 3''
Piston Bore 3'' Piston Groove 2 1/2'' Width 1/4''
Height 3/8'' Rod Throat 2 1/2'' Outside Diameter 3''