25004500375B605 Beveled Twin Lip Rod U-Cup (4 1/2" x 5" x 3/8")

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The rod style unloaded twin lip U-cup features a secondary “bump” or lip on the inside heel of the seal that provides additional stability in the seal groove. The increased stability enhances the long-term performance of the seal. In rod seal leakage tests, the twin lip rod U-cup had better performance than the conventional U-cup. This is due to the initial leakage of the seal being reduced by the secondary sealing lip.

Application Dynamic reciprocating applications and low pressure piston & rod applications. Inside Diameter 4 1/2'' Groove Width 0.413''
Piston Width 5'' Rod Width 4 1/2'' Rod Groove 5''
Piston Bore 5'' Piston Groove 4 1/2'' Width 1/4''
Height 3/8'' Rod Throat 4 1/2'' Outside Diameter 5''