80OL Standard Roller Chain Offset Link 1" Pitch

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When a strand of chain consists of an odd number of pitches, an offset link (also known as a half link) is needed to assemble the chain. Assembly is simple, and chains can be custom fit to your power transmission needs.

HKK’s precision power transmission roller chains are manufactured for high strength and long life. HKK solid bushings and rollers, specially treated pins and bushings, and stringently controlled heat treatment are only a few of the many features built into HKK chain. HKK meets or exceeds ANSI standard B29.1, making HKK the most suitable selection for almost any application

Roller Width 0.625'' Plate Thickness 1 0.125'' Average Tensile Strength Lbs 17,700
Maximum Allowable Load 4,290 Construction Riveted Rivet End To Centerline 0.628''
Application Extend/reduce chain length by 1/2 pitch. Pin Diameter 0.312'' Pitch 1.000''
Height 0.921'' Plate Thickness 2 0.125'' Connecting End To Centerline 0.750''
Diameter 0.625''