C102B Combination Chain Pin & Cotter ONLY

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This pin and cotter fit combination chain C102B. Combination chain is typically used on elevating apparatuses and conveyors. It is ideal for abrasive and corrosive materials. Because of its symmetry, combination chain can be operated in either direction. Riveted chain utilizes pins that protrude through the side plate and are then side-mashed on each end. Cottered chain features pins that protrude through each end and are side-mashed on one end and locked in place by cotters on the other. Cottered chain decreases labor necessary for removal compared to riveted chain.

Roller Width 2.000” Plate Thickness 1 0.380” Construction Cottered
Rivet End To Centerline 2.060” Application Industrial Agricultural Automotive drives Pin Diameter 0.625”
Width 4.560” Pitch 4.000” Height 1.500”
Plate Thickness 2 0.380” Connecting End To Centerline 2.280” Diameter 0.970”