C2060 Heavy Double Pitch Roller Chain Connecting Link w/ K1 Attachment 1 1/2" Pitch

  • $3.96

This connecting link comes with attachment K1. Double pitch roller chains are manufactured similarly to standard roller chain but with twice the pitch distance. Drive chains (A series chains) are designed with a figure-8 shaped side plate, and conveyor chains (C series) feature straight side plates. This lighter-weight chain is ideal for lower loads, moderate speeds, and larger sprockets.

Roller Width 0.500” Plate Thickness 1 0.125” Average Tensile Strength Lbs 10,000 LB
Maximum Allowable Load 1,400 LB Construction Riveted or Cottered Rivet End To Centerline 0.565”
Height Centerline To Tab 1.234'' Application Conveying Pin Diameter 0.234”
Pitch 1.500” Height 0.670” Plate Thickness 2 0.125”
Connecting End To Centerline 0.657” Height Centerline To Hole 0.843'' Hole Diameter 0.203''
Thickness 0.125'' Diameter 0.469”

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