H60Q60 60-Tooth, 60 Standard Roller Chain Split Taper Sprocket (3/4" Pitch)

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This sprocket drives #60 standard roller chain and features a split taper bushing. All of our sprockets are manufactured with hardened steel teeth to improve overall strength and prevent wear and tear on both the sprocket and the chain.

Bore Diameter 3/4” Construction Split Taper Bore Type Q1
Length Through Bore 2 1/2'' Bushing Bore Range 3/4 - 2 11/16'' Application Power transmission in mechanical drive applications (conveying, lifting, industrial machinery, forestry, etc.)
Chain Number 60 Width 2.781” Pitch 3/4''
Number Of Strands 1 Material Steel Outside Diameter 14.73''
Pitch Diameter 14.331'' Number Of Teeth 60 Thickness 0.459''