Marathon Motors S516 256TTTNA18578

  • $1,987.49

S516 Model # 256TTTNA18578

Marathon 10 HP Definite Purpose AC Motor
-3 phase
-1200 RPM
-460 V
-256T Frame
-TEAO - S516

-Blue Chip® quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration
-Internal and external epoxy paint
-CR200 Corona resistant magnet wire
-Class H insulation system
-Normally closed thermostats (one per phase, Class H)
-Heat stabilized ball bearings and high temperature grease
-Suitable for inverter use for 20:1 Variable Torque with 1.0 S.F. in 90°C ambient
-Suitable for 90OC ambient at 1.15 S.F. or 100OC ambient at
1.0 S.F.
-Extended grease tubes, Regreasable in service
-8 Foot Leads

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