WD110 Welded Drag Chain w/ 17" Wings (6" Pitch) - SOLD BY THE FOOT

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Welded steel mill chains are rollerless chains and are ideal for performing conveying and elevating tasks. This welded drag chain comes with standard 17'' wing attachments every 9th pitch.

*Weight is pounds per foot; chain sold by the foot.

Inside Width 9'' Average Tensile Strength Lbs 60,000 LB Maximum Allowable Load 10,000 LB
Construction Riveted or Cottered Rivet End To Centerline 5.88'' Overall Attachment Width 17''
Application Industrial Agricultural Forestry Conveying Pin Diameter 0.750'' Width 10.375”
Pitch 6'' Height 1.5'' Connecting End To Centerline 6''
Thickness 0.375'' Diameter 1.500''